AMG Alternative Investments

George Y. Shinn
Managing Director, Research Director

Mr. Shinn brings more than 20 years of experience to AMG Partners in the futures, managed futures and hedge fund industries. His experience is centered on the research and analysis of complex futures investment strategies, CTA due diligence, qualitative and quantitative program evaluations, and asset allocation philosophies.

Mr. Shinn’s experience includes:

• Served as Director of Operations for one of the top CTA database service providers.

• Helped coordinate the marketing efforts for a large fund of funds based in Manhattan, New York.

• Developed the ITR Premier 40 CTA Index.

• Served as Sr. Research Associate for Man Financial’s U.S. Managed Accounts Division.

• Served as a Managing Principal of a CTA/CPO that placed allocations with CTAs from individuals and fund of funds.

• Established a network of distributors and key industry contacts in jurisdictions throughout Asia.

• Negotiated dozens of selling agreements with various trading advisors.

• Contributed futures-related content and commentary for articles in Mutual Funds Magazine, Bloomberg Italy, Financial Times, Institutional Investor, and Worth magazine.

• Authored a special article about the Kospi futures contract for Stocks, Futures, and Options magazine.