Managed Futures Products

Quality. Commitment. Opportunity.

Historically, traditional investment vehicles, such as stocks and bonds, have been the main form of most individual and institutional investment. However, with recent global market volatility, investors have sought increased diversification from traditional domestic equity and bond strategies.

This has given way to a growing trend towards the inclusion of alternative investment products, like managed futures funds, in their portfolios. Managed futures offer investors a means to diversify a portion of their portfolio into investments that historically offer returns independent from stocks and bond markets, and they allow access to highly specialized strategies not typically available through traditional money management.

Today, registered investment advisors, financial planners, and broker/dealers are searching for quality alternative investment solutions to offer their clients. These groups provide personalized investment advisory and management services to affluent individuals, family trusts, retirement plans and institutional clients. And now, they are re-designing themselves to provide investors a single source to find, allocate, and monitor world-class non-traditional money managers, with a specialized focus on alternative investments.

AMG Capital Group focuses on research, due diligence, marketing, and distribution of quality managed futures investment products. We are committed to making this information and product inventory available to a growing network of investment advisors, financial planners and broker/dealers worldwide. We currently represent a select group of managers who offer investments in both separately managed accounts as well as domestic and offshore funds.